The cheapest places to live in Maryland

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Nowadays, it has become a challenge to find an affordable place for living. Everything became very expensive from food to clothes and necessities. However, the biggest price increase happened in the real estate business. Additionally, some states have higher living costs than others. So, you should find an equally good and affordable state for your relocation such as Maryland. Maryland’s ranking as one of the finest places to live in the nation. It is largely influenced by its proximity to major locations such as Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., and its low cost of living as well. Because of this, the state is a popular destination for young professionals, families, and seniors seeking to relocate with moving and storage Rockville MD. For this reason, here are the cheapest places to live in Maryland.

What are the cheapest places to live in Maryland?

Maryland is a great state for living. Moving here by using some moving services Rockville MD comes with many benefits and advantages. First, when it comes to the beauty of nature, Maryland is genuinely stunning. Unbelievable as it may seem, trees cover 41% of the state. The geography of Maryland resembles a sort of exhibition, a stunning collection of the most amazing elements in the whole of the United States. Another great advantage of living in Maryland is its location and proximity to Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and New York City. Now, Maryland might be one of the wealthiest states because it has the biggest concentration of millionaires in the country. But this doesn’t mean there won’t be affordable places to live in Maryland. Some of the affordable places to live in Maryland are the following:

  • Rockville
  • Gaithersburg
  • Annapolis
  • Brunswick
  • White Marsh
  • Greenbelt
  • Frederick
A moving truck
The cost of living in one city mostly depends on the median home value

What should you know about Rockville?

The history of Rockville might be the longest of any city in the US as it was first mentioned in 8000 BC. However, not until the early 1800s that the city was named Rockville. The city went through many changes over its long history and today Rockville is a modern city with great neighborhoods, many businesses, shopping destinations, etc. Additionally, moving in Rockville MD comes with many other benefits. Rockville is ideal for families with children because it is a peaceful and safe place for living. However, this doesn’t mean that Rockville doesn’t have any entertainment options for you and your family. The 120-acre Croydon Creek Nature Center, an urban wildlife refuge, is one of many parks and recreational areas in this city. Also, the ice-skating rink, dog park, and small ride-on train are all located in Cabin John Regional Park, one of Montgomery County’s largest parks at 528 acres.

How much does it cost to live in Rockville?

Rockville is a county seat of Montgomery County and it’s also a part of the Baltimore–Washington metropolitan area. The population of Rockville is almost 70 000 which makes the city Maryland’s third-largest incorporated city. Living costs in Rockville are not exactly cheap, but the city has a pretty high median home income of around $200 000. The living costs will depend on many factors such as your living style, neighborhood, size of your home, etc. The most expensive part of living in Rockville is housing prices. For example, the rental prices for a one-bedroom apartment are between $1200 to $2000. If you want to save money on renting an apartment, you can find a smaller one for an affordable price and keep some of your belongings at storage Rockville MD. The cost of food, utilities, and transport is almost the same as in the rest of Maryland.

a picture of street with black and white cars
Rockville is one of the best cities for living in Maryland

Gaithersburg is one of the cheapest places to live in Maryland

If you are looking for a cheaper place for living than Rockville, your next option is Gaithersburg which is located only 6.5 miles from Rockville. As this relocation would be less than 50 miles, you will need to hire local movers Rockville MD. Gaithersburg also has many living advantages. First, it is located very close to Washington D.C. With a median property value of $360,000 and a median household income of $80,000, Gaithersburg is a fantastic option for D.C. employees seeking to escape the expensive costs of the nation’s capital. The population of Gaithersburg is almost the same as in Rockville with almost 70 000 residents. Residents of Gaithersburg can easily access the 6,300-acre Seneca Creek State Park, which has a number of miles of hiking and bike trails in addition to a 90-acre lake, for outdoor recreation.

street filled with cars at night
Gaithersburg is one of the cheapest places to live in Maryland

Why should you move to Annapolis?

The next city on this list of the cheapest places to live in Maryland is Annapolis. Due to its crucial role in the early American economy and its vibrant cultural scene, Annapolis was once referred to as the “Athens of America,” and it has retained this moniker into the twenty-first century. Annapolis benefited from a thriving shipping sector as a result of its convenient location on the bay, which aided in the construction of the city’s magnificent houses and gardens. Additionally, Annapolis has a long history of the arts, and the city’s vibrant cultural scene is one of its top draws for visitors. Just one visit is enough for people to decide to move here with long distance movers Rockville MD from all over the state. Annapolis is a good place to invest your money and buy yourself a home.

 A picture of one of the cheapest places to live in Maryland
Annapolis is the capital city of Maryland

How much does it cost to live in Annapolis?

You can’t really expect the capital city to be cheap. However, Annapolis is affordable compared to some other capital cities in the US. However, buying a home in Annapolis can be challenging. The Annapolis real estate market is quite competitive. This indicates that prices have been rising. The value of local homes increased by 10.8% over the previous year, and the median price reached $540 000 as a result. Additionally, homes are selling faster, with the typical number of days on the market falling to 21 compared to 35 in the previous year. However, Annapolis is a wonderful place to invest in real estate because it is the state capital and has the Naval Academy, in addition to the chance that your home will swiftly increase in value. For this reason, don’t wait long to buy a house in Annapolis and move here with residential movers Rockville MD. You will secure yourself a stress-free move to one of the most affordable places.

Brunswick is among the cheapest places to live in Maryland

A town of almost 7000 residents, Brunswick is situated 60 miles from Baltimore and D.C. and 15 miles from Frederick. Despite being a small town, Brunswick is very active. Red wine can be enjoyed at a number of local wineries, including Creek’s Edge Winery and Hiddencroft Vineyards. The Brunswick Heritage Museum, which explores the history of the railroad and the neighborhood, is located in the town. A charming main street dotted with stores and eateries can be found in Brunswick. In the restored church that houses Beans in the Belfry café, you can eat a sandwich or a bowl of soup. After supper, take a trip to Maryland Heights, where there are hiking trails with stunning views of the Potomac River. The real estate prices are more than affordable as the median renting price is around $900 while for houses is $240,000.

 The cheapest places to live in Maryland
Brunswick is a great and affordable place for living

How much does it cost to live in White Marsh?

White Marsh is a small city with a population of almost 10 000. It’s also a suburb of Baltimore and it’s located only 25 miles from the city. Despite having a small population, the town has a wide range of attractions. The Avenue at White Marsh, an upscale outdoor mall, is one of the several shopping centers in the neighborhood. It features over a dozen places to eat, including Bar Louie, BurgerFi, etc. It also offers retailers like Ulta and Loft. Given that White Marsh is among the cheapest places to live in Maryland, you’ll also be able to purchase the home of your dreams. The average cost of a house is about $280,000. You can rent an apartment for $1,414 per month while you’re putting money aside for a down payment. Also, White Marsh households make an average of $92,420 a year.

Greenbelt is one of the cheapest places to live in Maryland

Greenbelt is a great city for living in. It’s located about 13 miles away from Washington D.C. and 27 miles from Baltimore which makes it a perfect place for commuters. You can enjoy the many parks and green areas in Greenbelt. There are 23 playgrounds and 190 acres of parkland nearby. Greenbelt National Park, which boasts miles of hiking paths, picnic areas, and a campground where you can spend a family vacation, is also located in the city. The fact that many of the homes in Greenbelt were constructed in the art deco style is another thing you’ll enjoy about the city. The average price of a historic home in this area is $227,000 which is much less than the national average. You will be able to find a perfect home in Greenbelt for a much more reasonable price than in some other bigger cities.

picture of a street in the night
Greenpoint deserves to be named one of the more affordable cities in Maryland

Why should you choose Frederick?

It’s simple to understand why Frederick calls itself a “cool and historic” destination. In addition to Gambrill State Park, which is situated on the ridge of the Catoctin Mountains, the city includes a well-balanced selection of museums, stores, historic monuments, theaters, art galleries, pubs, and restaurants. The National Museum of Civil War Medicine and Monocacy National Battlefield both preserve the Civil War’s impact on Frederick’s history. The city offers a pleasant lifestyle with a rich history, pedestrian-friendly streets, beautiful architecture, and a wealth of rural wineries. The city is not overly large as it has a population of around 70 000. It’s a perfect city to start a family or raise your kids. Frederick is also an affordable place for living as the median home value is $240,000.

Maryland is pricey compared to the other states in the US

Maryland has a high cost of living. Especially the housing market is higher-than-average. Utility and food prices are also quite high. The median home value is around $325,000. However, the prices will change from city to city and despite the price, more than 65% of residents own their homes. Buying a house is a better option than renting an apartment. The renting prices in most cities in Maryland are high. For this reason, you should instead plan to buy a home. It’s certainly a better investment as you will have something in your name and you can always sell your house for a higher price if you make some changes.

How to make a decision?

These were some of the cheapest places to live in Maryland. Every city offers something unique and many advantages. For this reason, your decision will be hard to make. However, it’s always better to choose between a couple of good options than to choose between only bad ones. Therefore, decide first what you are looking for in a city and how big your budget is. But no matter what city you choose in Maryland, you won’t make mistakes as every city is good for living.

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