Best neighborhoods for students in Washington DC

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Finding the right place for you to live as a student will be crucial. And DC is going to offer you a lot of benefits and positives. But to truly assist you we have a list of the best neighborhoods for students in Washington DC that can come in handy. Of course, picking Excalibur Moving and Storage will ensure that you have a smooth and efficient relocation process. So what are the neighborhoods to look out for and why? Let’s take a look at it.

What do the best neighborhoods for students in Washington DC need to have?

As a student, you need a good mix to have a place where you feel great. Above all, you need much more than just being close to your university or school. Especially as Washington DC offers a lot of other benefits. And before you contact residential movers Washington DC it’s important to get to know about as many benefits that you’ll be able to experience in the neighborhoods of DC. So what are some of the things you need as a student in the area? Here are some main factors that make a neighborhood great for students, including:

  1. Affordability
  2. Proximity to school or university
  3. Safety
  4. Transportation
  5. Availability of amenities
Students going to school
The best neighborhoods for students in Washington DC have certain benefits for them

Affordability and proximity to your school will be important factors when choosing a neighborhood

Students usually don’t have a luxurious lifestyle. That’s why when picking the right place to live, it’s important that you take on the financial aspect of it all. And with rent for apartments in Washington DC being around $2,300 it will be difficult to find many budget-friendly options. Another thing to think about before calling interstate movers Washington DC is how close or far your university or school is from your home and neighborhood. You want to waste as little time as possible getting from point A to point B. That’s why affordability and proximity can be of great importance to you as a student.

You don’t want to forget about the safety and transportation options in your new area

Above all, you want to be in a safe and quiet area as a student. That will free you of all the distractions from your studies and can give you an opportunity to completely focus on learning and education. Also, before you pick the moving services Washington DC you need, you want to check out how to get from your area to your school. Is there any public transport or can you use your bike or go on foot to your new area. All of that will add a lot of benefits when picking your area in Washington DC. So make sure to analyze safety and transportation options before making your final decision.

How many amenities will you have around that a student needs?

In the end, as a student, you want to enjoy your free time. Being a student isn’t only about learning and studying. You want to have some quality fun and be able to relax and take advantage of your time. Even companies that use the help of office movers Washington DC will usually pick parts of the city that have some options to have fun and entertainment. So, do you like going to a mall after classes? Is having quality bars and restaurants a must for you? Or are you an outdoors type of person and need to have places to relax? Then make sure that the neighborhood you pick is full of things to do for you as a student.

A student in a yellow shirt with a red book
As a student, it’s also important to have fun

What are the best neighborhoods for students in Washington DC?

After looking at all the crucial factors, it will be much easier to identify a neighborhood that fits your needs the most. Thankfully, Washington DC is full of amazing neighborhoods that will offer you a variety of benefits. For that reason, don’t forget to put the storage Rockville MD to use and move to any of the destinations that will make you feel great as a student in the capital city. When it comes to concrete places in DC, let’s take a look at some examples of great neighborhoods for students, such as:

  1. Dupont Circle
  2. Adams Morgan
  3. Columbia Heights
  4. Brookland
  5. Shaw
  6. Capitol Hill
  7. Petworth
  8. Mount Pleasant
  9. U Street
  10. Navy Yard

Dupont Circle will be an excellent area for students

One of the best neighborhoods for students in Washington DC is Dupont Circle. Its proximity to universities like Georgetown University and American University makes it a great location for any student in DC. But besides that, it has other benefits that can help you ignore the cost of living in Washington DC, and other difficulties. Among them is a great public transportation system that includes the Dupont Circle metro, but also plenty of bus lines that will help you get around DC. Dupont Circle is also very safe and you will have a lot of options when it comes to shopping and dining, like the Lafayette Restaurant for example.

You want to have Adams Morgan on your radar as a student

Adams Morgan is a very diverse area with a lot of cultural diversity. Besides that, there will be a lot of community centers and places to meet up with other students and people overall. With its proximity to the American University and the University of the District of Columbia, you can be sure you picked a great location. You will also have a lot of options when it comes to transportation, like the Woodley Park area. Overall, it will have all that you need to support your studies.

A couple of students talking to each other
Find a neighborhood that fits you the most

Columbia Heights will offer a lot of benefits for students in Washington DC

As an attractive area of Washington DC Columbia Heights has a lot to offer to students. Among the first things to notice is the fact that it has quality educational options nearby like the University of the District of Columbia. You won’t need to avoid feeling stressed during your local move in Washington DC as it will always make you feel included. Getting around will be easy as you’ll have Columbia Heights metro available. On top of that, you will have a lot of options when it comes to shopping or just going to bars and having some fun in the area.

Brookland will make you feel at home as a student

A very safe and secure part of DC is Brookland. For that reason, you won’t need to worry too much about crime and your overall safety when living in the area. Besides that, if you attend Trinity Washington University or the Catholic University you will be very close to them and there won’t be too much time spent on your commute. On top of that, you will have plenty of recreational options and parks to keep you entertained, but also bars and cafes where you can relax. Overall, you can be sure that Brookland can be the right place for you as a student.

Shaw is a neighborhood that has a great feel to it

Are you a student that wants to have fun nightlife available? Then Shaw is perfect for you as it’s one of the best parts of DC when it comes to having fun and entertainment. Another benefit of living as a student in the area will be that both George Washington University and Howard University will be nearby. On top of that, it’s an area full of artistic beauty so it’s always great to check out a place like the Howard Theater. You won’t ever have a dull moment in Shaw as a young person.

Two girls posing for a picture
Shaw can offer you a lot of benefits

Capitol Hill will be perfect for students

You will be connected to all the parts of DC if you pick to live in Capitol Hill. It has access to the Capitol South and Eastern Market metro stations, but there are also a lot of bus stations there. Besides transportation, you will have George Washington University and Georgetown University close by so you don’t have to worry about your options nearby. It’s an iconic part of DC so you can check out historically important places, but also some beautiful places like the United States Botanic Garden. Students will feel at home after moving to Capitol Hill without a doubt.

If you’re a student Petworth might be the right place for you

Petworth is among the more affordable places on the list when it comes to the neighborhoods in DC. That will be one of the main reasons for many students look at this neighborhood as the number one option. Besides that, it’s a very fun area with a lot of amenities. For example, the Red Bar, Looking Glass Lounge, and others will surely provide you with some quality time. But there are also other bars and cafes that will be great places for you to relax. Also, having the Georgia Avenue -Petworth metro station and several bus lines will be great for you when it comes to getting around.

Check out Mount Pleasant and find out if it’s the right area for you

Having a lot of things to do, and quality public transportation will be important if you’re a student. For that reason, picking Mount Pleasant will be a great choice for you as it’s near Columbia Heights and Woodley Park metro stations besides several bus lines. You will be able to enjoy the National Zoo and Rock Creek Park in the area if you want to relax and enjoy some time outside. As a student, there will be a lot of things to do and you will feel safe living in Mount Pleasant.

A student in a green shirt listening to her lecture on a phone
A great neighborhood will have a mix of all you need as a student

U Street is a beautiful and diverse place to live in

The fact that U Street is located in the city center will open you a lot of options. And as a student, you want to have as many quality options that will ensure that you feel happy about your choice of neighborhood. You will be exposed to many historical landmarks, but also transportation options for you. The U Street area is very interesting and vibrant, and pretty affordable in comparison to other parts of DC. For that reason, it is considered one of the best neighborhoods for students in Washington DC.

There’s a lot to enjoy at Navy Yard

Navy Yard will offer you a quality waterfront where you can enjoy walks on. Besides that, it will be very close to the universities and schools around Washington DC. It is a very popular part of the city and there are always some infrastructural works going on in the area. Entertainment won’t be something you’ll miss out on because there are plenty of parks and recreational options in the area, but also the National Park stadium where you can catch MLB games. Overall, Navy Yard is a beautiful location, but somewhat in an expensive range.

Hire professional movers to help you move to the best areas for students in Washington DC

In the end, when you’re a student you want to be able to move stress-free. For that reason, it’s crucial that you use quality movers that have years of experience with relocating students. Checking out the Better Business Bureau and similar websites to get professional movers will always be a good idea. Doing this will help you find movers that specialize in student moving. And you want to ensure that you get the support that is necessary when relocating to Washington DC.

Moving crew relocating items in one of the best neighborhoods for students in Washington DC
Have professionals help you move to your neighborhood of choice

The best neighborhoods for students in Washington DC offer a lot of positives. For that reason, it’s a great place to get your education as it will come with many other additional benefits. And with all the options we gave you, we’re sure that you will have a lot of quality options to choose from. Are you looking for other information about DC? Or do you maybe need additional moving tips? Then don’t shy away from checking out our blog page as it contains other useful information.


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