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Where do you want to raise a family? That is an important question most of us have to answer at one point. Sure, living in cities is fun. It is also rewarding. Furthermore, there are definitely ways to raise children in big cities. However, once you experience the dense, suburban layout of Potomac MD, there will be no doubt in your mind. No mistake. Living in Potomac MD is the one of, if not the very best place for raising children and putting down roots in the entire country.

That is far more than simple here-say. There is a lot of data that supports this claim. That is exactly why we made this post. If you are considering moving Potomac MD, we are here to provide you with all the info you need here. And, should you be on the fence, we are betting that this post will definitely swing you towards a “yes” collum.

Guide to living in Potomac MD – some basic info

We know that some of you have already chosen that living in Potomac MD is the best option and is making preparations with movers in Potomac MD. We are sure that this part of the text you can simply overlook, as there will not be any information here that you haven’t already looked up for yourself. Simple move to the next chapter.

However, if it so happens that you have not yet made up your mind and that you are actually only now learning about Potomac, Maryland, this segment is made for you. Here, we will present some of the basic facts about Potomac that you should know before moving forward.

guide to living in Potomac MD
Potomac River that the suburb is named after.

First off, let’s talk about what Potomac MD really is. If you are to be living in Potomac MD, would you be living in a town? City? No, technically speaking, Potomac is a CDP or a Census Designated Place. That does not say much, but its location does. Located by the Potomac River, it is practically a suburb of Washington DC. There are around 45 people living in Potomac. They are not a bunch to be overlooked. Residents of Potomac MD are one of the most educated in the whole of the States. Not to mention that the median income per household is around $893 000.

Some of the Importantyet less impressive facts that you should have in mind are:

  • Geography.  Potomac MD covers a total of 26.6 square miles on an average elevation of 361ft. Living in Potomac MD means living in Montgomery County, UTC-5 Eastern time.
  • Transport. The biggest road going through Potomac is 190 River Road, going towards the 495 highway intersection and towards Washington DC. You only need around 30 minutes to get to the center of our capital by car.
  • Zip and Area codes. Zipcodes of Potomac MD are 20854 and 20959 with area codes being 301 and 240.

What do your new neighbors look like?

To say that Potomac neighborhoods rank highly would be an understatement. More than one of its neighborhoods has been ranked as the best place to live. There are a lot of wealthy people living in Potomac MD. For example, Carderook-The Palisades neighborhood of Potomac, MD was ranked as the highest-income neighborhood in the whole of the country. Numerous others are also among the top.

The reason for heavy competition among the best moving companies in Maryland. Everybody wants to be here and the people moving are usually demanding. Luckily, that means that the moving companies have risen to the occasion, but more on that later.

Washington obelisk
Washington D.C. is where most of your neighbors will work!

Wondering where all the money is coming from? Well, with a well-educated population present so near the capital, the answer seems obvious. The overwhelmingly highly educated population that is living in Potomac is working in DC. Mostly it is government jobs in various federal agencies.

Furthermore, as we said previously, Potomac Maryland is recognized as one of the best places in the country to be raising a family in. The composition of your neighbors will very much reflect this. Crime is very low and greenery and parks are everywhere, making this a perfect place for a family. You will see a lot of families living in homes here. Actually, almost 90% of Potimacs residents own their homes, rather than rent them, meaning that there is a lot of space for retires and families to enjoy.

Education prospects for your kids

After long-distance movers Maryland of your choice relocate you to this great suburb, you will find that the previously mentioned family orientation of the place, together with extremely high education of the residents, means that the schools here rather phenomenal. Both private and public schools are considered among the very best in the country.

If you are going to be living in Potomac MD with a kid, look into the following schools:

  • Private schools are:
    • St. Andrew’s Episcopal School
    • The Heights School
    • The Bullies School
    • Connelly School of the Holy Child
    • Mc Lean School
  • Public schools are:
    • Thomas S. Wootton High School
    • Walt Whiteman High School
    • Winston Churchill High School
    • Walter Johnson High School
    • Richard Montgomery High School

Get good movers beforehand

A small addition we would like to add on the end is that, in the interest of staying safe during a move and arriving on time, you need to have good movers.

Two threes under the sunlight
You need good movers to get you there

If you are to be living in Potomac MD, you will most likely be moving to a house. Make sure to hire experienced, licensed residential movers with good reviews and command of such big moves.

In conclusion

All in all, we hope that we have prepared you well for living in Potomac MD. In summary, it is a high-income, high-educated dense suburb with great greenery, a lot of service sector, close to the capital, and with a lot of prospects for future growth. If you are planning on moving with your family or are a senior moving, Potomac truly seems to be the best option, be it an expensive one.

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