Moving to Silver Spring: what you need to know

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Moving to Silver Spring can be challenging and hard. But the biggest challenge may be not knowing what to expect. After all, you are leaving everything you know for a completely new environment. And it’s not necessarily just an environment that is new to you. If you haven’t moved before, then the whole moving process can be that more challenging. However, with the help of long-distance movers Maryland and a few tips and tricks you’ll find here your relocation will be smooth. So keep reading to find out everything you need to know about having a trouble-free move to Silver Spring!

What you need to know before moving to Silver Spring

One of the best techniques for preparing yourself for your upcoming relocation to Silver Spring is learning all there is to know about it. Because, if you know what to expect you’ll feel much better. Plus, you’ll be better prepared and know just what to do to have an efficient move. One more upside of learning about your future home is that you’ll be able to adjust quicker to your new environment. And that period of transition will be far less stressful for you.

a woman reading - moving to Silver Spring
So make sure to take some time for learning

Believe it or not, Silver Spring is actually a census-designated place in Montgomery County MA. That means that Silver Spring is defined by the United States Census Bureau as a concentration of population for statistical purposes only. Located next to the northern tip of Washington D.C., in practice, it’s an edge city. But, officially, it’s unincorporated which makes its boundaries fluent.

Silver Spring is also the fourth most populous place in Maryland with 81,816 residents. Its downtown is not only the oldest but also the most urban part of the community. It’s famous for many mixed-use developments that combine residential, retail, and office space.

Moving to Silver Spring and moving companies

Now that you know some basic information about Silver Spring let’s talk about some more important things related to the relocation itself. I’m just going to say that the more you know about Silver Spring it’ll be easier for you. So, apart from some basic information you can read here, you should investigate more.

Don’t get stuck only on boring facts, even trivial information will be helpful

The first topic I want to cover is at the same time the most important one – Silver Spring movers. Your choice of a moving company is going to greatly affect your relocation. It can either make it feel seamless or it can make it feel like hell. If you choose the right moving company you won’t have to worry about anything nor do anything. Whereas, if you choose a bad one you can expect anything – from paying much more than you planned to repairing damages to your belongings. So, you must be careful who you choose to help you with moving to Silver Spring. 

Where to find Silver Spring movers

There’s one thing you need to do before you start searching for the perfect moving company. Namely, you need to know what the perfect moving company is for you. That means that you should know what qualities you are looking for in your movers. But also, what moving services you need – just transport of your household or a full-service relocation. And finally, how much you’re willing to pay for your move to Silver Spring.

The reason why you need to do this first is because it will make everything that easier. First of all, you will know what to ask and look for. And second of all, it will narrow down your choices drastically thus make it easier for you to reach your decision. Now, you basically have to option when you’re looking for the perfect Silver Spring moving company. The first one is asking your friends and family for recommendations. But be aware of who you’re taking recommendations from. Take recommendations only from the people that are trustworthy. And the second option is, of course, surfing the Internet. You will have to be even more careful who you trust here.

How to make sure that you’ve made the right choice

I know just how compelling some reviews and recommendations can be. Especially if you are looking up the company online and you find only reviews of people who almost seem like they are in love with a certain moving company. But you shouldn’t believe everything you read or hear. Because sometimes companies pay people to write marvelous reviews about their moving company. Or even to write bad reviews of rival moving companies. So, the 3- and 4-star reviews are the ones you should pay more attention to.

five starts - moving to Silver Spring
Because not all the five-star reviews are true

But don’t worry, there’s a way to make sure that the residential movers you want to hire are legit. You can simply check if they have all the necessary documents and licenses. For example, you can go to FMCSA’s website and make sure that the company has the USDOT number. Because all the companies that offer moving services are obliged by law to have the USDOT number. This website is not only good for making sure that a certain moving company is legit but also to get some extra information about it. From technical information to former customers’ complaints and how they’ve been dealt with.

How to plan your moving budget

Another thing that’s also very important when you’re moving to Silver Spring is your moving budget. Or, more precisely, that you plan your moving budget in the right way. And it may seem like it’s really hard to do this if you’re not that good with handling money. And, don’t get me wrong, balancing money is important. But it’s also important to know what expenses to include in your moving budget. So, here are some general topics your moving budget must include:

  • moving company expenses (moving quote, tips…)
  • moving expenses (change of the address, utilities…)
  • travel expenses (gas, tickets, hotel…)

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