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If you have just moved or are considering moving to Washington, you should learn some important things about the city. There is certainly more to it than just a nation’s capital. It is quite a large city with a lot to offer. In order to give you a helping hand, we have made a guide to living in Washington, DC. After that, feel free to hire Excalibur Moving and Storage MD, and you will move in no time.

Washington DC
Living in Washington, DC, offers ample opportunities.

Living in Washington offers a great number of attractions to visit

If you like visiting museums, theaters, and markets, you can be sure that Washinton will not disappoint you. For example, you should not miss out on the National Museum of Asian Art. This museum features exhibits that cover a broad range of Asian history, including contemporary Chinese and Japanese art and artifacts from Ancient Egypt​. Next, visit the National Children’s Museum. It offers interactive STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) exhibits for children

In addition to this, you will have a great number of restaurants at your disposal. If you like tasting new kinds of food, this will be heaven for you. For example, visit two standout dining options, Shouk and Le Diplomate. Shouk is a plant-based, Middle Eastern-inspired eatery offering a variety of delectable pitas and bowl options. Le Diplomate brings a taste of France to the city, especially popular for its brunch and authentic French ambiance. These restaurants not only serve delicious food but also offer unique dining experiences that reflect the diversity and cultural richness of Washington, DC’s culinary scene.

Yet another thing you should know is that the residents of Washington are great sports fans. You will have a chance to enjoy basketball, soccer, baseball, football, and hockey games. If all of this seems appealing to you, just get in touch with local movers Washington DC. They will relocate you in a short period of time.

Living in Washington, DC allows you to taste different kinds of food

You should also be familiar with the costs of living in Washington, DC

Because this is capital, living costs are expected to be quite high. As a matter of fact, the median home sale price is significantly higher than the national average. So, if you have not moved here yet, do some calculations to check whether you will have enough money to live here. If you will, hire a moving company and add some of the best moving services Washington, DC, has to offer to your contract. Doing this will make the moving process much easier and stress-free. And here’s a brief guide on the living costs:

  1. Housing: Rent for a furnished 85 m2 (about 900 sqft) accommodation ranges from $3,092 in a normal area to $4,158 in an expensive area. A smaller 45 m2 (around 480 sqft) studio costs between $1,984 and $2,370 monthly, depending on the area​.
  2. Utilities: Monthly utilities for two people in an 85 m2 flat are about $215, while for one person in a 45 m2 studio, it’s around $92. Internet costs are approximately $54 per month.
  3. Food and groceries: A basic lunch in the business district is around $22, while a combo meal at a fast-food restaurant costs about $11. Monthly grocery and food expenses per person can be around $520, which adds up to about $2,080 for a family of four​​​​.
  4. Transportation: Monthly public transport tickets are about $106. For car owners, expenses like gas, about $1.21 per liter, must be considered. The annual transportation cost for one adult is approximately $5,477​​.
  5. Healthcare: Average healthcare costs in Washington, D.C., are around $12,201 per year. This can vary depending on insurance coverage and medical needs.

Overall, the average cost of living in Washington, D.C., is estimated to be around $78,809 per year. These costs can vary based on lifestyle, family size, and personal expenditures. Considering these factors before planning your living in Washington, D.C. However, if the cost of living is acceptable for you, move here with some of the best long distance movers Washington DC has.

Relocating your office here is a good decision

Since Washington is a place whose population is fairly young, you will not make a mistake if you decide to relocate your office here. Having a business in Washington, DC, offers several advantages. The city boasts a dynamic workforce, with a significant portion of the population being millennials, known for their drive and talent. Washington’s economy is stable, providing a fertile ground for businesses across various industries. It’s also a leading recipient of high venture funding, presenting numerous opportunities for startups and high-level ventures. The city’s prime locations, rich in transportation hubs and high foot traffic, also make it an ideal place for attracting top professionals and potential clients​.

Once you decide, put your trust in one of the most reliable office movers Washington DC has to offer. They are going to take care of the hard part of the relocation. This means you can be sure that all of your office equipment will arrive at the new office in perfect condition.

Colleagues in a meeting talking about living in Washington DC
Relocating your office here will be a good decision

Schedule our Washington movers and move like a pro

Living in Washington, DC, will offer you great opportunities. If you make a decision to relocate, make sure you hire a moving company on time. In addition to this, you should also remember to do a Washinton DMV change of address. Think about this on time, and the relocation process will run smoothly. For a seamless transition to your new Washington home or office, hire our Washington DC movers and move with peace of mind. Contact us and get your moving quote today.



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