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If you are moving to Washington DC, you have come not only to the perfect place but to one of the best ones to learn more about this. Excalibur Moving and Storage MD has prepared one of the best moving guides to date. Washington, DC, is one of the most amazing places for life. So, you would want to start your new adventure on the right foot, right? This is why you might need a proper moving guide, especially if you have never relocated before. Even if you did, you might still find our guide useful. So, without any further ado, let us see what our guide says about moving to Washington, DC, shall we?

Washington DC
Washington offers great life opportunities.

Meet Washington DC

before we move on to the practical guide of moving to Washington DC, let’s have a few words about the capital. Namely, Washington, D.C., is a city with a rich history, culture, and attractions. It’s located on the northern shore of the Potomac River and is bordered by Maryland and Virginia. The city is known for its distinctive dual character: it’s a working federal city, an international metropolis, a picturesque tourist destination, and a cosmopolitan center with a neighborly feel. Despite being overshadowed by its role as the capital, Washington D.C. has a lively local history and complex socio-economic fabric. The city’s economy is closely tied with the neighboring states of Maryland and Virginia, and it has a temperate climate with evenly distributed precipitation throughout the year.

The cost of living in Washington, DC

Living in Washington D.C. can be costly, with the city ranking more expensive than 84% of cities in the USA, 88% in North America, and 93% globally. For a family of four, estimated monthly expenses are around $7,181, while a single person may spend about $4,586 monthly. Food costs vary, with a basic lunch in the business district averaging $22, a fast-food meal at $11, and grocery items like chicken, milk, eggs, and vegetables ranging from $1.22 to $8. Clothes are also significant, with jeans costing around $59, a summer dress at $46, and sports shoes at $98.

Transportation in the city includes a new Volkswagen Golf priced at about $25,761, gas at $1.21 per liter, and a monthly public transport ticket for $106. A taxi trip of 8 km (about 5 miles) costs around $20. Personal care items and services like cold medicine, antibiotics, private doctor’s visits, and haircuts range from $8 to $162. Entertainment and dining out can also add up, with a dinner for two in a neighborhood pub costing $70, movie tickets for two at $28, and a high-end theater experience at $277. So, if the cost of living suits you, you can hire local movers Washington DCoffers and move like a pro.

Real estate in Washington DC

The real estate market in Washington, D.C., is somewhat competitive, with homes receiving, on average, 2 offers and selling in about 39 days. As of October 2023, the median home sale price was $675,000, a 3.8% increase from the previous year. The median sale price per square foot was $521, up 3.3% compared to last year. The current price per square foot for homes in the area is $266.07, though the market has been on a downward trend, with an 8.83% decline since its peak in 2022. The average square footage of homes sold was 1,704 square feet over the last 12 months. Single-family residences comprised the majority of home sales in Washington, D.C., accounting for 51.39% of sales. Condos and townhomes made up 22.14% and 18.74% of sales, respectively. The age of a typical home sold in the last 12 months was 38 years old, according to Parcl Labs.

a person handing the keys after moving to Washington
Check out the real estate prices before moving to Washington DC

Best neighborhoods in Washington DC

Washington D.C. offers a diverse array of neighborhoods, each with unique characteristics and real estate profiles. Here are some of the best neighborhoods to consider:

  1. Adams Morgan: Known for its lively nightlife and cultural attractions, Adams Morgan features a mix of historic row houses, apartment buildings, and single-family homes. It’s the 6th most walkable neighborhood in the city. Median Sale Price: $607,500​​.
  2. Anacostia: A vibrant, historic neighborhood with tree-lined streets and Victorian-style homes. It offers beautiful views of the Anacostia River and a range of home styles. Median Sale Price: $477,000​​.
  3. Brookland: Known for its friendly community, tree-lined streets, and historic homes. It has a thriving craft brew scene and a variety of housing types. Median Sale Price: $832,000​​.
  4. Capitol Hill: An area with a mix of government buildings, historic landmarks, restaurants, and shops. It offers various home types, from historic row houses to new construction. Median Sale Price: $899,000​​.
  5. Chevy Chase-DC: This neighborhood has a suburban vibe, characterized by single-family homes with colorful gardens and tidy porches. Median Sale Price: $1,250,000​.
  6. Cleveland Park: A quiet, charming residential area with a variety of home styles, including large single-family homes and historic buildings with large lobbies. Median Sale Price: $419,500​​.
  7. Columbia Heights: Offers a strong sense of community, with diverse shops and restaurants. It features new apartment buildings and converted historic row homes. Median Sale Price: $734,900​​.
  8. Dupont Circle: A diverse neighborhood known for its nightlife and walkability. It features a variety of housing styles, including historic row houses and apartments. Median Sale Price: $469,000​​.
  9. Eckington: Located near downtown, known for its beautifully restored row homes and modern apartments and condos. Median Sale Price: $700,000​​.
  10. Foggy Bottom: Close to major D.C. attractions, this neighborhood is walkable and offers historic row houses, high-rise apartment buildings, and condos. The median sale price is $341,000.
a couple reading a guide about Moving to Washington DC on a laptop before packing.
Check out the best tips and tricks when moving to Washington.

Moving to Washington DC – how to start planning your move?

You will need to consider several things when moving and relocation are concerned. You might be moving your office to Washington DC or moving there with your entire family. Thus, you should focus on the following:

  • Start planning accordingly. If you are relocating alone, you might want to hire a moving company to help you out. There are some really good Washington DC movers that can help you out with your move. In any case, you should plan to the best of your abilities. If you are moving with someone, make sure to incorporate them into your move. A few pairs of extra hands are always welcome, especially when large-scale relocations are concerned.
  • Think about your finances. You cannot relocate without sufficient finances. Even if you find some of the most affordable movers, you will still need to pay them. Also, even if you are moving alone, you should also expect some moving costs. In any case, you can contact Excalibur Moving and Storage MD if you are interested in finding a middle ground and finding a solution together with them. You will even save some money as well.
  • Make preparations. Obtain the necessary packing supplies and make a room-by-room packing plan.
A family relocating
Make sure to plan your move well

What else can you do about your relocation?

Since you wish to have a really successful relocation, you might want to hire long distance movers Wshingotn DC to help you out with your move. Having someone who is an expert and a professional close at hand might be a good idea. Moreover, your moving broker will make sure that your relocation happens. So, if you have never relocated, or if Washington, DC, is not a city you are used to living in, this might be the best option. Of course, you can also do everything on your own as well, but it will take more money and time to accomplish everything.

You should also consider having some really good storage units at your disposal. Having some short-term storage options might be a really good idea. Think about all of the essential features to look for in a storage facility and find your best storage. We cannot stress the importance of sufficient storage for a long-distance move. Thus, it might be a really good idea for your Washington, DC, move to find a reliable storage provider for your items. Imagine what can happen if you cannot place all of your belongings in your new home. Should you take them back? Should you toss them away? See? This is why you might need some really good storage options ready at hand.

Use gold moving services 

The service includes full packing with high-quality materials, furniture disassembly and re-assembly, box and furniture labeling for easy identification, and custom crating for special items. On arrival, movers offer unpacking, furniture staging, and removing junk and empty boxes. Additionally, Gold Moving Services MD include free packing material delivery, short-term and long-term storage solutions in their Rockville, MD facility, and insurance assistance for your valuables to give you peace of mind during your move. Besides, each client is assigned a dedicated moving consultant who provides an initial in-home estimate, schedules move dates, handles claims, and coordinates with other service providers. The movers are professionals with at least 5 years of experience, ensuring your belongings are handled carefully.

A man packing for his Washington move
Make sure to complete your packing process successfully.

Problems you may come across and how to overcome them

You should expect that your plans fail every now and then, but it is important how you deal with them. Of course, relocation is full of ups and downs, but you need to be strong no matter what happens. You might realize that you do not have enough packing supplies; you might see that your move is not going well at all, and many other things. Here are some of the bad things that can happen with your relocation:

  • Your moving company might be a scam. There is nothing worse than a moving company scamming people. They will not only take your money but your belongings as well. Thus, make sure to find the most reliable moving services Washington DC has to offer.
  • Transporting issues. Your transport vehicle might break down in the middle of the road during your moving day.
  • Packing issues. You might have packed something badly, and that item gets damaged after your move. Thus, prepare your items well.
  • Essential items issue. You might forget some of the most essential items back at home. This is something you should avoid at all costs.

When you are relocating to Washington DC, you might encounter some really serious problems. However, if you overcome them, your move will go smoothly. Also, make sure always to have enough packing and moving supplies ready at hand. Having too little or too many might be an issue for you. So, estimate how many items you will need for your belongings. Moving and relocation are different for anyone, so we cannot provide a clear number. What we can do, however, is to advise you to hire experts in the fields of moving and relocation to help you out with your move.

Storage units
Also, make sure to have really good storage units for your move

A mini guide about moving to Washington interstate

When planning an interstate move to Washington D.C., choosing reliable interstate movers is the core of a successful move. So, begin by researching reputable interstate movers in Washington, D.C., and request detailed quotes. Check their credentials, reviews, and services offered. Next, sort and declutter your belongings to minimize moving costs and ensure a smooth transition. Then, label boxes clearly and create an inventory list. Don’t forget to familiarize yourself with D.C.’s housing market, neighborhoods, and local regulations, especially parking rules for moving trucks. Finally, plan your travel and accommodation in advance and keep important documents easily accessible during the move.

Moving to Washington DC – conclusion

Overall, moving to Washington DC is one of the best experiences you will have in your life. Of course, some not-so-good things might happen, but it is up to you to overcome everything. After all, if everything in life was easy, then what is the point of trying? Make sure to get the best out of the best and your Washington DC relocation will go as smoothly as possible.



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