How to keep kids entertained when moving

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For a family with kids, moving can be significantly harder than for people without kids. For one thing, they have to figure out when the perfect time for relocating is. Whether it is during the summer break or maybe during the winter break. This choice will affect which movers Bethesda MD you can hire and how much you will pay. But apart from this technicality, the hardest thing for those parents is to keep the kids entertained and to help them cope with moving. And apart from helping you with your relocation, we’re here to help you with your kids. So, read our guide on how to keep kids entertained when moving!

Getting all the help you need when moving with kids

Well, first order of our business is for you to hire a moving company. I’m not saying that you can’t manage to pull off a DIY kind of move just because you have kids. But, it sure will be a lot easier if you had someone by your side to help. And the biggest perk of hiring household movers is that you can relay in them every step of the way. You won’t have to worry about getting packing materials, for example. And you most certainly won’t have to pack or deal with the logistics. If you want that, you have to make sure first that the moving company you want to hire is legal and reliable. The easiest way to do that is by looking up the company on the FMCSA’s website. And do try not to settle for the moving company that offers you the lowest moving quote.

3 kids sitting on stairs - keep kids entertained when moving
You will have all the time in the world to keep kids entertained during the move.

Just, please, try not to forget that you still have to do a few things. I’m talking here about tasks that only you can handle. Because no matter what experts your movers are you will have to do this personally. Some of those tasks are:

  • changing the address on your documents
  • taking care of utilities
  • getting medical records
  • getting school records and finding a new school for your kids

The easiest way to keep kids entertained when moving

Maybe your kids are not so happy about moving to another city or even to another part of the same city. But one thing you can be sure about is that they are going to want to spend all the time they have left with their friends. And luckily for you, the easiest way to keep kids entertained when moving is also their favorite one. Namely, that way includes letting them go out of the house and spend their time with their friends.

silver linings
There are many silver linings if you keep kids entertained when moving this way

If you do this, they won’t be there to help you out any time you want. But the main silver lining of them not being in the house is that you won’t have to worry that they’ll injure themselves. And given that injuries are common when moving it’ll be much easier for you to concentrate on finishing tasks and being efficient if you know that they are safe. Furthermore, your long-distance movers Maryland will also be able to do their job faster and better because your little ones won’t stand in their way.

Plus, if you let your kids go play with their friends you will not only keep them entertained when moving but also happy. It will be easier for them to cope with moving because they will have enough time to say goodbye to their friends. And you can suggest them to come up with a plan about how they’ll keep in touch with one another.

How to get your kids to help and have fun at the same time

If however, you need your kids’ assistance it’s also okay to ask them to help you out. Whether you have decided on DIY kind of relocation or you can’t hire all the services that residential movers offer it doesn’t matter. Because there are still many ways for your kids to be entertained when moving and help at the same time. In fact, involving your kids in the moving process has proven to be one of the best ways you can support them during this period.

After all, leaving a place that feels like home to them for an unfamiliar one is a big change. And some kids need a little more support and help to cope with the situation. Plus, you are giving them a sense of control in a situation where they feel like they don’t have any. And we all feel much safer and better when we have control and impact over a situation.

Different tasks you can give your kids

Now, no one is telling you to have them make important decisions or do hard physical work. There are a lot of little decisions that they can make and a lot of easy tasks that are perfect for them. What’s more, you can choose how much control you give them and how big a responsibility. You can always modify these suggestions because you do know your kids better than anyone.

a kid with glasses and book
You can be surprised by how creative kids can be when trying to solve a problem for grownups

One way to keep kids entertained when moving is to ask them to declutter their belongings and decide what they can part with. They won’t mind spending time going through their belongings and you won’t have to spend time doing that. To make it easier you can tell them that their job is to put all the things they didn’t use for the last month on one pile. After that, make a deal with them that if they end up needing one of those things you’ll get them a new one. Or if you have hired packing services you can ask them to set aside items that are most important to them and pack them themselves. They will feel much better knowing that they were the ones that took care of their precious belongings. Plus, they’ll be sure that those things will be waiting for them in your new home.

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