Moving in a hurry: how to do it right

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Relocations are a complicated matter just by their very nature. They are not easy to plan nor to complete. They require a lot of preparation, professionals movers you need to pay, etc. However, most of these problems can be offset with enough time to prepare for the upcoming move. However, what happens when there is no time to prepare for the move whatsoever? When the relocation is something that you have to do almost immediately and there is no time to do good preparations. Well, then (oftentimes) mistakes can occur that can significantly impact the success of the move. However, if you are a person who is having to move in a hurry, don’t worry. There is a way to do it right. We are here to show you exactly how you should be moving in a hurry!

Pick the right mover for moving in a hurry

When you are trying to move in a hurry, you are presented with a lot of choices in quick succession. It is always recommended for people to take time while planing out a move, but time is not a luxury you currently have. That means that you need to be efficient and focused in order to make sure that the move goes the best way possible. Therefore, you should first focus on what is the most important aspect of the move. Once you know where you are moving and when you are moving, it is time to scout among the best moving companies in Maryland in order to find the right one. Were are here to help with that.

an hour glass - moving in a hurry
If you are short on time, you will need professionals!

Unfortunately, with the time constraint you have imposed upon you, you have to think quickly. Luckily, there is plenty we can do about it. While there is no way to know what moving company is near you and which one will serve your particular interests, we can tell you about what every good moving company should have. Use this as the metric with which to gauge the quality of the moving companies you have available.

First off, don’t lose your head in a hurry – do not hire unlicensed companies. They are scammers more often than not and offer no legal protection. Find a mover with a good record of organizing quickly and decent communication. Confirm that they are good at this by looking at various moving company reviews you can find online on platforms such as Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc. Once you are sure that they are truly professional and punctual, check out their website. Look for the array of special services, logistical capacity, and of course, contact number. Time to ask for a moving quote!

Fake reviews and how to quickly look through them

However, while we did mention the importance of moving reviews for when you are moving in a hurry, we didn’t elaborate on exactly how do good moving reviews really look like.

You might be thinking that there is no much debate to be held here. Good moving reviews are the ones with 5 stars, bad ones with 1, right? Well, for the company, sure, but for you, the moving reviews are a tool that you need to know how to use.

First off, let’s look at what kinds of reviews are not very useful. Those would be 1-5 star reviews (meaning it doesn’t matter) but with little or no description. This is not something that actually points to the quality of specific services. In your justifiably quick research, you should glance over them and move to those richer with text.

And speaking of content-rich moving reviewers… does it just look – off? Maybe some unorthodox grammar or a few spelling mistakes. The review you are reading might be a fake one, bought by the company. These malicious actions, unfortunately, are not rare. Thankfully, they can easily be detected.

The final form of a review that you should look out for is a review that is way too critical or way to praising. In both cases, review with a clear agenda is not something that will help your dilemma.

Planning and downsizing

Ok, now you need to figure out what is worthy of keeping and what will be downsized before the moving day sets with the local movers in Rockville, MD. Be sure that you are organized in this. When you are downsizing, it is best to have a checkbook with all of the items you own listed on them, arranged by a category of your choosing. After that, check the famous “one year rule”. Have I used this item in the past year? No? Probably don’t need it. Do this with all the item.s

a checklist
Writing things down is quite helpful!

Once you are done, you now have to actually dispose of the items before moving in a hurry. That you can do by either opting to:

  • Sell – on e-bay or by a garage sale.
  • Donate – go to a local charity before moving in a hurry and ask them if they need anything you can offer.
  • Scrap – Some things are simply used to anyone and having them around is not really helping you staying safe during a move. They are just taking up space. Get rid of them (though recycle if possible.

How to pack

Now that you know what goes with you, be sure to pack them properly. With the pandemic currently being widespread, also be sure that you clean and disinfect anything and everything.

You have to disinfect thoroughly!

When packing follow simple tips. Heavier and bigger is always at the bottom. A box should never be too big or too small, and some form of cushioning material should always be present. Otherwise, just make sure that it is a sturdy enough packaging material and that electronics and such are disassembled and cleaned before they are packed (preferably in their original casings).

Bon, voyage!

No time to waste! Get to planning as quickly as possible in order to make your moving in a hurry a successful one. Good luck!

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