How to relocate while pregnant?

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    Moving with a baby on the way is a beautiful adventure. If you’re an expectant mother, congratulations! Whether you’re moving locally or interstate, it’s essential to have extra moving assistance if you relocate while pregnant. This is a very special time for you, so don’t forget to book the Washington DC movers service. Why bother with packing and transfer when you have reliable movers by your side? It’s a faster and more efficient way to execute the move. And given your condition, much safer.

    A pregnant woman standing on the balcony
    Put yourself first if you relocate with a baby on the way!

    Relocate as a mom-to-be

    Carrying a baby already reduces the number of bags you would be lifting and moving around. Mom’s and baby’s health comes first, so hiring extra assistance is a must. Contact residential movers Washington DC to help get through the move! If you relocate while pregnant, many moving activities are not convenient to deal with on your own. Every move is a process that takes time, energy, and money. Make it easier by listing the necessary tasks for the big day:

    • Packing solution
    • Transport to the new location
    • Consulting doctor if you relocate while pregnant
    • Administrative preparations

    The list may go on, depending on the place you move to and your condition. Start planning the relocation as early as possible, to have plenty of time for yourself and the baby.

    How to pack for the move during pregnancy

    Of course, you won’t be moving furniture and appliances around while carrying a child. Family and friends’ assistance is great, but it’s worth getting extra help for the big move. Leave the packaging to Excalibur Moving and Storage experts! Avoid the risk of any injuries, and save time. Your loved ones will also have more time to provide support in other ways while you’re pregnant.

    Essential bag for moms who relocate during pregnancy

    Don’t forget to pack all necessities in a separate bag that’s going to travel with you. You know the best what key items you need when moving as an expectant mother. Comfort is a top priority, and so is staying fresh and hydrated during the move. Also, make sure to pack essentials for the first night at the new home. Good sleep is indispensable!

    Riding with a baby on the way

    Traveling while pregnant can be exhausting if lasts too long. Take the household items transport off your list and think about what’s working best for you. Depending on the means of transport, you may need to bring additional medical documentation. Some airlines don’t allow flying when you reach a certain week of pregnancy. Make sure to check that if you relocate while pregnant, and get the doctor’s note if needed. Make the journey as comfy as possible!

    Wooden airplanes for kids
    Pick the safest transport for moving while pregnant

    Doctor’s advice for relocation while pregnant

    Ask your doctor what’s the best way to travel at your stage of pregnancy and general condition. Stick to their medical advice, or adjust to it. If you’re not supposed to fly at the moment, postpone the move to a later date as you don’t want to take any chances. It may be a bummer, but it’s not time to make compromises.

    Apart from regular checkups, get familiar with the paperwork you need to get done, especially if you’re moving to a foreign country. The laws and regulations may differ from what you’re accustomed to, so do the research and get everything ready before relocating.

    It’s exciting to start a new life and wait for another life to be born at the same time. If you relocate while pregnant, put focus on your wellbeing and the transfer will go smoothly. Experienced movers will take a huge workload off your back. After all, you have more important things to take care of and prepare a new home for your family.

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