Safety measures when relocating a grand piano to Washington DC

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    If you are about to make your life in Washington, you must be thrilled. And that is a big step that will change your life for sure. This transitional period is going to be a very busy one. And also, full of many tasks and many emotions. So some people get overwhelmed by moving and we want you to skip that scenario. Because it is possible. Just listen to our advice and you’ll be ready to experience a stress-free move. The first thing you should do is to hire an experienced moving company, and we strongly suggest you check Excalibur Moving and Storage company. They will help you in any situation even relocating a grand piano to Washington DC.

    Choosing the right movers is a key

    Choosing the right movers is always so important and especially if you need some special service. Have in mind that not everyone is able to move a grand piano safely. So sign up for the reliable ones. Look for moving services Washington DC and if a company doesn’t offer what you need, just skip to the next one. You also have to be aware that there are many amateur companies on the market. Avoid them for sure, they most certainly don’t have the equipment that is needed for your relocation.

    Choosing the right movers is key.

    That is why you have to look for moving and storage Washington DC based company. You will be able to go to their office for an initial interview. Ask them to help you with making a moving plan. Let them explain to you how skillful stuff they have and how well equipped they are. And once you are convinced they have all the knowledge you need, ask for a free quote. Don’t sign the deal before you have the estimates from at least three different companies. Compare them and then decide.

    Safety measures when relocating a grand piano to Washington DC

    One other thing you have to know about your movers is that they have a legal business. If you don’t know who regulates moving companies, get that information as soon as possible. Once you decide on relocating a grand piano to Washington DC, you have many factors to take into consideration. The last thing you would want is to fall or get damaged. So safety is the first thing you have to be concerned about.

    relocating a grand piano to Washington DC
    Learn safety measures when relocating a grand piano to Washington DC.

    Not only that you want to prevent damage to your piano, but also to your home and anyone who will carry it. Because damage like that can be irreparable. Listen to all our safety tips and start organizing them as soon as possible. Here are our best tips for you.

    Can you move a piano by yourself?

    There are some different kinds of a grand piano. But whichever you have, everyone is huge and heavy for sure. So sit down and think is it possible for you to do this by yourself. It is not just a matter of strength. It is more about the technique. You will have to lift it from the legs, without using your back, how far you can carry it and maneuver it safely. And still, you won’t be able to do it all by yourself. Simply, that is not a one-person job. You will need your friends to come and help, and you will need a lot of them. And one will have to coordinate enough people which could be a challenge on their own.

    Use the right equipment

    If you are still sure that you are able to move your grand piano, you will have to use the right equipment. Dollies and hand trucks are great ways to avoid any injury. These tools will carry the majority of the weight. So it really seems like a good solution, but have in mind that it might be challenging to find dollies large enough for your grand piano. Outdoors, you could use a series of rounded or cylindrical objects that you can place under your bulky piano to move it with ease.

    You will need the right equipment to move a piano.

    Protect the pathway

    You will have to protect all those edges and walls on the way where your piano will pass. Wrap your banisters with towels. Sliders are small parts of felt or some similar kind that go under the legs of a piano. That is the way to avoid damaging the floor and at least use it until you get to the edge or a level where you may have to change the strategy. You can cover your floors as another option to protect hardwood floors. But you don’t want to make it harder for people who will carry a piano, so be careful what are you putting down. Don’t forget to measure the sizes of your archways. That way you will be able to make the best strategy on how to manipulate your piano without a scratch.

    So what is the best option when relocating a grand piano to Washington DC?

    After our close research, we have to get the conclusion that it seems like a very clear option what is the best to do. Moving a grand piano by yourself and your friends is possible, for sure. But your piano is most probably very valuable to you and your family. It can even be an heirloom or an instrument that you and your ancestry have invested time, money, and love in. So don’t think too much. Let the professionals move it for you.

    They have the equipment, well-trained staff, and knowledge of the best ways of relocating a grand piano to Washington DC. And having one who is certified in the matter that is so complicated and tricky is a real advantage. To them, that is second nature. To you, almost impossible task. So don’t save your money on this. Hire movers to do this for you and avoid any damage and additional stress that you can expect for sure if you decide to do it with your own hands and your friends.

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