Safety tips for moving your wine collection

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    If you are wondering how to move a wine collection, here you will find some interesting tips. Every individual is different, however, there are some universal rules that can be useful. One thing is certain, there are precautions you’ll want to take prior to moving it in order to protect yourself in the event of unexpected events. After appraising your collection, your next move should be documenting moving your wine collection process. Let moving and storage Maryland know about your high-value wine collection and take care of it. This is mainly because of liability coverage. The reliable and efficient company will explain the protection plans and you will choose the one that is the most suitable one for you. In the end, don’t forget to check alcohol beverage control authorities in your destination state because some states have restrictions.

    Moving your wine collection demands a proper checklist

    The best time of year for the process is definitely early spring or late fall. It would not be so important, but we all know that we should keep our wine under a certain temperature. During the summer it can get rotten, while in the winter it can change the texture and quality due to being slushy. In addition, make sure that storage Rockville MD takes care of everything since it will be easier for you. While of course, the efficient company will save you a lot of trouble, before you enter the process, make sure that you have your own checklist. It can look like this:

    • consider temperature conditions
    • hire a professional moving company
    • get the collection appraised
    • inventory your collection
    Laptop and to do list
    Moving your wine collection demands a plan and a proper checklist

    When moving your wine collection consider temperature conditions first

    This is something you need to pay special attention to if your collection is an older wine. Of course, the older the wine the better this quality is. Still, the older the wine is the more delicate its flavor is going to be. That is why extreme changes in temperature are not suitable since they may change wine taste and texture. So-called “supermarket brands” and white wine are not 100% safe also, but the other types are significantly more sensitive. Statistics actually say that the best temperature for transporting and storing wine is 55 degrees. In case you need a climate-controlled moving contact one of the best companies in Maryland to assist you in the process. You need to have in mind that arrangements must be made early. Also, be aware that it will cost you some extra money. So, get ready and prepare your budget on time.

    Hire a professional moving company

    In case you’re moving long-distance and your wine collection is a part of a sizable investment, it is best to leave the matter to a highly qualified team of professionals. Moving a wine collection across the country is not a joke and you need someone to reply on. You are going to need someone who will guarantee the safety of your collection to you. In order to ship alcohol, the moving company needs to be licensed by the Approvals and Permits Division of the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA). Therefore, check out everything thoroughly. Invest enough time when you are choosing your moving company so that you can avoid complications later. Make sure everything is legal and properly documented. Additionally, what is also important is your presence. Make sure to be there when your wine collection is being picked up to supervise the entire process.

    A guy sitting in a moving company van
    Make sure to hire moving professionals when moving your wine collection

    Get the collection appraised

    Even if you inform yourself well and invest enough time in your research, it is an entirely different thing to be actually familiar with the steps of the wine moving protocol. You need to start your preparations in the right way. First, you need to have it appraised by professionals. Do not just pick it randomly, but choose a certified one who will evaluate the current market value of your wine. The professional appraisal will help you establish the true value of your wine collection for insurance purposes. Even though you think that adequate coverage is not necessary if something happens you will have to make a claim. That is why it is important to have it. Coverage is particularly important when your process included something valuable and expensive.

    Inventory your collection

    One thing is certain. You need to inventory your wine collection in great details. Make sure to follow all the tips on moving your collection. This process will definitely take a good amount of time. Depending on the number of wine bottles you own, the time invested can be expended over and over. Make sure to take a lot of pictures. You need to photograph each bottle while you are making your inventory list. This will definitely help you document exactly which types and “years” you own.  When you hire a great company, they will also do a packing inventory, in which case the two lists should be completely the same. Also, inventory is important since on spot you can make a decision whether to sell a part of the wine collection give it away to your friends and family.

    Wine collection in wine seller
    Inventory your wine collection for your own peace of mind

    Once the professional company of choice delivers your collection at your new home, check it very carefully. Compare it against your personal inventory list. Include the photos that you took also. In case you notice anything out of the ordinary make sure to note it down. When you note it down, make sure to report it immediately. Also, you need to be aware that the bottles will move and shake. So to avoid loss of flavor, make sure to give it a rest for at least one week. After that, enjoy your wine and bottoms up!

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