When should I get moving insurance?

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So you are wondering whether you should get moving insurance. First of all, moving insurance is not obligatory. Some may even consider it an unnecessary expense. Ok, there are some situations where you can squeeze by without paying for it. But most of the time, even if you manage to hire some of the most reliable moving companies in Maryland, you will need it. Now let’s take a look at in what situations you should get the coverage and in what cases you can probably skip it.

If you do not manage to complete these two tasks, make sure that you are covered

There are many types of relocations. Some are considered less, some are considered more difficult. However, before we get deeper into this classification there are a few situations that will make the type of your move completely irrelevant if you do not complete them properly. Planning and making sure that you hire trustworthy moving services Washington DC. Take a look.

a woman thinking
Did you plan your move well? Did you hire good movers?

Planning the move

Planning is the most important part of the moving process. It is the thing that can make a difference between a successful and unsuccessful relocation. Still, planning your relocation properly does require time and certain knowledge about the moving process. To properly plan your move you need to think about your moving inventory, hiring residential movers MD, packing, handling utility companies, dealing with various paperwork, and more.

It is a complex task that only experienced people know how to deal with properly. If you manage to do it right, chances are that your relocation will go well. If for any reason you couldn’t plan your move the way you supposed to, you should get insurance to cover any mistakes that might happen.

Getting the right movers

Another important thing that you need to do properly is to make sure that you hire a good moving company. However, with so many fraudulent and incompetent movers on the market, finding movers that you can trust requires some effort. Again, in this case, you will need to have certain knowledge about the moving industry and how companies in this sector operate. If you start searching for a mover at the last minute and you are not certain whether you hired movers with a good reputation, getting relocaiton insurance is the only smart thing to do.

Types of relocations classified by difficulty

Let’s assume that you managed to hire the most reliable movers in Baltimore MD and plan everything properly. Can you move without paying for insurance? Most of the time, no. Here are the most common types of relocations:

  • Local move
  • Long distance move
  • Interstate move
  • International move
  • DIY move
moving truck
The difficulty of the move depends on the distance you need to cross

Local relocation can be easy and difficult

A local relocation is considered the easiest type of move. However, that doesn’t mean that it is completely risk-free. For example, maybe you are living on the 10th floor in a building without an elevator. You or your movers will have to carry all your items through narrow corridors and staircases. Do you think that your items or your property will end up undamaged? The chances are that they won’t.

The difficulty of the move increases with distance

A long-distance move is any move that is conducted within the state borders but you and your items need to cross more than 50 miles to get to your destination. Everything that can happen in a local move can also happen here. Plus, your items need to travel a significant distance and spend a lot of time in transport.  Again, this is a perfect situation for getting coverage.

INterstate move is even riskier than when you are moving within state borders

Interstate move is even more difficult than a long-distance one. In most cases, your items will have to travel even further than when you are moving within state borders. And it usually takes more than a day to complete the process. So much time in transport increases the risks of damage and theft so you should definitely consider getting the coverage.

International relocation is the riskiest type of move

International relocation is the king when it comes to difficult relocations. The process of moving your items overseas usually starts by loading your items into a moving truck, which transports them to the harbor or airport, depending on the type of transport you have chosen. Then your items need to travel to your destination country get unloaded from a plane or a ship and loaded again on the truck which will deliver them to your destination.  A lot of times, your items will be unloaded, stored in some warehouse, and loaded to another vessel along the way, which only increases the risk of damage. If you are moving overseas, getting relocation insurance should be on top of your list.

cargo ship
International move is the most difficult – get insured

If you are moving on your own, get insurance

There are people who like to move on their own, without hiring professionals. Even though a DIY move is possible to organize properly, the risks of damage to your items or property are immeasurably higher than when you are moving with professional help. This is a perfect situation to get insurance.

Sometimes, insurance is not so necessary

Of course, there are some situations where getting coverage is not that important. Let’s say that you are moving across the street and that there are no staircases or difficult maneuvering on your way. That is when coverage is not really necessary. Also, if you are moving with a suitcase of clothes. Regardless of the distance, you need to cross, getting insurance is not something that should bother you.

Estimate the risks and act accordingly

As you can see, in most cases you should get moving insurance. On the other hand, even though they are rare, there are some situations where getting coverage is not necessary. Our suggestion is to estimate the risks of your move regardless of the quality of your movers. And get the coverage if you think that the risks are high.

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