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So you are moving soon and want to find affordable packing supplies? It is no secret that the moving process can be quite costly and home movers often look for ways to cut down on their expenses. This is perfectly understandable and there is no need to spend a fortune on residential movers Washington DC and packing materials. In fact, you don’t even have to spend a penny on some of them. Read on and find out to organize a smooth relocation and obtain affordable and quality moving supplies.

What packing materials do you need?

Let’s start with making a list of packing supplies that you will need during the relocation process before moving on to explain where to find affordable packing supplies. Bear in mind that the moving process doesn’t start on a moving day but at least several weeks before. You need to book reliable long-distance movers Washington DC as soon as possible. Make sure to gather packing supplies in advance so that you can start prepping for the big day.

  • Moving boxes of various sizes. Cardboard boxes don’t have to be new but make sure they are clean, dry, strong, and durable. Don’t use the ones that have some damage because they might break.
  • Bubble wrap. This supply will be very useful, especially when you start preparing delicate and fragile items for transport.
  • Packing paper. It is a perfect material for protecting breakable things and glass surfaces. Also, you can use it for padding and filling any spaces in cardboard boxes, thus preventing items from moving during transport.
A couple carries boxes down the stairs
Pack your belongings properly and label moving boxes
  • Packing tape. Make sure to get plenty of tapes, because you will probably need even more than you think. Your boxes need to be properly sealed before loading the moving truck.
  • Funiture blankets. These are only optional, but you can consider them for extra cushioning.
  • Labels and markers. It is very important to label your boxes. Write essential information on every box – handling instructions, destination room, content. This will greatly facilitate the unpacking process.

How to find affordable packing supplies?

There are many ways to obtain free or affordable packing materials. There are various websites where you can find free boxes and moving kits. Craigslist is a great online marketplace where you can search for packing supplies near a particular location. Another online resource you can use is Freecycle. Once you become a member of a Freecycle group near your home, you can get free boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, tape, etc.

Local stores are a great source of moving supplies such as cardboard boxes and packing paper. Go to nearby supermarkets, bookstores, liquor stores, and furniture stores. Most retail stores will see this as a favor because you will save them a lot of time and energy. What is most important, these are usually perfectly reusable packing supplies.

Use packing supplies you have in your home or office

There are many packing materials in your very own home or office that you can use when moving. Instead of buying moving boxes, you can use the containers you already have such as suitcases, laundry baskets, or plastic buckets. Also, check whether you have any cardboard boxes you can use in your office. Moving blankets can be replaced with ordinary, home blankets or you can use towels to cushion and protect delicate items. Newspapers and socks are a good substitute for packing paper and bubble wrap.

Where can you find affordable packing supplies to buy?

As you can see, there are many moving materials that you don’t have to buy. However, if you want to buy some additional supplies, there are many retailers that would be a good choice. Walmart, Amazon, and eBay are known for affordable prices for moving supplies. Here you can find everything you need and get a good deal, too. Make sure to ask your retailer if there are discounts for buying in bulk and whether they offer free shipping.

A woman typing
Go online and find affordable packing supplies

How to cut down on moving expenses in general?

There are many great companies that offer moving services Washington DC. However, moving home is not a cheap and easy endeavor. It involves many activities so home movers often look for ways to cut down on their expenses. The most important factor that will affect the cost of your move is its size. The more things you have, the bigger your expenses will be. So, try to declutter your home before you start packing. Get rid of the things you won’t need. For example, why transport clothes you no longer wear or pieces of furniture that won’t even fit in your new home. Get rid of things you no longer use or want.

The second factor you can affect is the date of your move. Try to move off-season if you want to save some money. Movers are usually less busy from October to May and, therefore, costs are lower. Also, less traffic means faster delivery of your belongings. So, if you are flexible with moving dates, avoid moving during weeks, holidays, and busy periods.

A person calculating moving expenses
Make a list of moving activities, calculate expenses, and set a moving budget

Ensure a safe and successful relocation!

The most important part of your moving process is finding good movers. Make sure you hire a trustworthy moving company, such as Excalibur Moving and Storage. Your movers should be able to meet your needs and fit your budget. Choose a company that has a license, a good online reputation, and years of experience. Bear in mind that many moving companies provide packing and storage services. So, if you decide to leave this part to your movers, you won’t have to worry about gathering packing supplies.

We wish you a happy move!

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