How to keep your kids safe on moving day

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    Moving is very stressful. It is by far, one of the most stressful and transitional experiences that you will have during your lifetime. In order to save your mental health, you should also think of ways how to keep your kids safe on moving day. For starters, you are going to need an experienced and reliable company. Taking care of your kids during the moving process really should not be a one-person job. One of the best moving companies in Maryland can save your day on this. It is indeed an overwhelming experience, but it can be a lot easier for you once you become properly informed. Children can be a lot to handle, but they also must be included in the process of course. Do not be afraid, everything can, and will be just fine!

    Try keeping them busy

    Keeping kids busy can be realized in two ways. One of the ways of keeping them safe on moving day is definitely keeping them busy playing outside. Especially if the weather is great, you can send off your children to go play in the backyard. Just a quick reminder. If you are living in Silver Spring, or you plan to move there, contacting movers in Silver Spring MD can be really helpful and useful for you. So, overall, playing in the backyard is a great option if the weather is awesome. They can play with animals in the meantime if you have any. Or, they can always play hide-and-seek for example, with some other kids from the street or with each other-if your child is not an only child. The other way can be hiring a babysitter or someone else to keep an eye on your children during the moving process.

    Kids playing
    Kids playing

    Giving them tasks

    You will definitely hire a company. You will definitely have a detailed plan. However, in the end, maybe you could use a hand. If someone from your group of friends cancels on you, it is a great idea to include your older kids in the moving process. Of course, you can always give them enough freedom so that they can see their friends or go play with siblings. Still, if you ask them to help you that could be an awesome experience for both them and you. They can see how it is like to be responsible and helpful. Also, the experience will teach them how to organize better. You can also teach them how to prepare the essentials for their new first day at their new home. They can make a list, sort things out, label them, etc. Ground rules can be helpful:

    Kids task
    Giving tasks to the kids-how to keep them safe during the moving process
    • do not touch anything sharp
    • do not lift anything heavy
    • stay out of the moving guys’ way

    Have fun with them

    Sometimes, you will have the situation that your children must be around you during the moving process. A babysitter can cancel. Your children’s friends can have some other things to do or they can get sick. Or maybe, your children are just a bit young for tasks. So, if all that fails you need to rely on some other safe and entertaining methods for kids during the moving process and of course those activities need to be safe for them during the moving process. No matter how old they are, all of them have so-called “first-night” boxes. That box usually contains a favorite toy, favorite pillow or blanket, and even their favorite clothes sometimes. You can also color code the boxes with kids’ personal belongings. Coloring and labeling can both be fun and useful for them. They will make the process easier for themselves and have fun in the process.

    Kids coloring
    Kids coloring

    Old neighborhood check

    The moving process is very stressful of course. Besides it is stressful, it is also very emotional. You have probably spent a lot of time in this neighborhood. You had your fair share of birthdays, parties, barbecues, maybe even some tournaments and competitions. Same as you, your child also had some pretty great experiences over there. First playdate, a lot of friends, study buddy, or maybe even a first kiss.  Since you have probably had a lot of great experiences with these people,  you need to be a good neighbor one last time. Therefore, an old neighborhood check can be very helpful and useful both for you and your child. Saying goodbye can be a very healing experience also. So, by saying goodbye you are basically both keeping your child safe during the moving process and being a good neighbor.

    Overall experience when moving with the child

    First thing first- do not try to be a hero. Ask for help or even pay for help if necessary. People are making huge mistakes here all the time. No one can do everything by himself or herself. You need to include cousins, parents, siblings, or maybe even friends or professionals. You need to pay special attention to furniture and sharp objects. Also, treat your child with respect and try your best to validate their emotions and opinions. Maybe it will be useful for you to read a couple of articles clearly related to tips on how to keep your child safe during the moving process and in general.

    To sum up. You will probably have a lot of stress, but there is a way how you can at least reduce it. Children can be very demanding and therefore we are constantly working on improving our ideas about how to keep them safe and entertained. Choosing a reliable company can really make the process easier for you. You can try your self of course, but it will be very exhausting both emotionally and physically. Therefore, make good choices, choose the most suitable company for you, and try to enjoy the ride as much as you can.

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