How to prepare an essentials box for moving to Washington DC

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    Preparing for a move can be very tiresome and tedious. People tend to forget a lot of things. This is due to the fact that a lot of the preparations are left for the last moment. Even when the moving day comes and everything is prepared, most folks forget to prepare an essential moving box. This type of box is used for the first night or for the first couple of days that you’re going to be spending at your new home until all of your belongings are delivered. It can be difficult to remember to do all of these things, but it’s incredibly important that you prepare an essentials box for moving to Washington DC. It will save you from a lot of trouble in those first couple of days. If you’re wondering what to pack, we’re here to help. Here are the most important items to remember.

    First and foremost – write everything down

    Before you begin packing your essential box and your long distance movers Washington DC arrive, it’s important to write down what you think you’ll need. We’ll let you know what we think is necessary, but you should try to write everything down by yourself. By doing that, you’re going to be helping yourself out tremendously. Writing down will help you remember all of these things. As we already said, a lot of people tend to forget to even pack an essential moving box. They distract themselves with all the other things a moving process requires. Having a clear reminder will help you a lot.

    Try to write down everything you think you’ll need as a necessity

    Try not to overcomplicate things. Write down short lines of everything that you think you’re going to be in need of.  Talk with your family members and let them know you’re making a list. Ask them to tell you what they want to pack for the first couple of nights. They might help you remember some things you forgot. After you finish writing everything, go through the list with your family members. See if anything is missing. If you end up forgetting something, you won’t be able to get it until the movers come with your belongings.

    Hygiene products

    Now that you’ve written everything down, we’re going to tell you what we think is essential for your box. Before your moving and storage Washington DC professionals arrive, packing hygiene products in your essentials box should be at the top of your priorities. This means that you should pack all of the necessary hygiene items you think you’re going to be needing. These include all of the bathing products which you and your family are going to be using. You should also bring all of the dental care products such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental floss. Skincare products are also something you should consider bringing with you, especially if somebody in your family has sensitive skin. Don’t forget to pack toilet paper as well if you don’t want to be taking unnecessary trips to the store. If you think you’ll need anything else when it comes to hygiene, don’t hesitate to pack it.

    Hygiene product
    Hygiene and skincare products are needed for an essentials moving box

    Bedtime essentials are a must when you’re trying to prepare essentials box for moving to Washington DC

    This is another important thing to remember to pack. Everything that you will need for your first night or two when it comes to sleeping should be packed. You don’t want to be sleeping on a mattress with no sheets, let alone with no pillows. Clean sheets and pillows are a necessity when we’re talking about bedtime essentials. You should also consider bringing a night lamp for your children, especially if they are very young. A new room can be scary to some children, and having a night lamp will help them calm down. Don’t forget to bring a blanket as well, because as soon as the moving company leaves with your belongings, you’ll either have to wait for them to deliver your items or you’ll have to go and buy a blanket for one or two nights.

    Cleaning products

    This might seem silly to pack in an essential box, but it definitely isn’t. The moment you arrive at your new home, you’re going to want to clean everything. Even if the place you arrived in seems clean, its’ always recommended that you take things into your own hands and scrub. Only then you will be sure that everything is clean for you and your family. Before you use packing services from your moving company to pack your belongings, make sure that you segregate a couple of cleaning products so you could use them when you arrive. You should bring chemical cleaning products, as well as a couple of pieces of cloth so you could scrub everything up. You’re going to feel a lot more comfortable once you know that everything is one hundred percent clean. Bring an air freshener with you as well so everything smells nice as well.

    Cleaning products are needed when you're trying to prepare an essentials box for moving to Washington DC
    It’s extremely important that you don’t forget to pack cleaning products when you’re trying to prepare an essentials box for moving to Washington DC

    Pet essentials

    When you’re trying to prepare an essentials box for moving to Washington DC, you should always remember to pack everything for your pet if you have one. That means that you should bring all of his toys and food with you. A pet can feel intimidated once you relocate, especially if you have a cat, and giving him a toy that he knows will help him calm down and assimilate more easily. You also shouldn’t forget to bring any medicine for him if he takes any. If you do, you’re going to be spending more money than you would have had to. Make sure that everything that your pet needs is brought with you. He’s going to thank you tremendously. A new environment is as heavy on pets as it is on people, and trying to make things easier for him should be your goal.

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