Understanding the bill of lading when moving house

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So, when we say “a moving process”|it already sounds exhausting. Then, we hear about the term called the bill of lading when moving house and maybe we feel a little bit panicky. We are afraid that we will not choose properly. The term itself represents a contract between you and your moving company of choice. Since the moving process is very demanding, understanding the bill of lading is the key factor in making the process easier for you and your family or company. Of course, your mind will be at ease when you have a legal document standing behind you and protecting you. The document will ensure that all your possessions are under proper care and you will feel safe.

Choosing a company

In order to have the best service possible, of course, you need to choose the right company. Long distance movers Washington DC is the top-notch service provider in the field. Since the bill of lading when moving house is the most important moving document you need to hire a professional. Even if you think it is a bit expensive, it is worth it. A little bit of extra money now can save you a lot of trouble later. Your moving day is definitely going to be one of the most stressful events in your life. That is why you will maybe forget to do a lot of chores that you planned. This is when professionals in the field come to save the day. The role of the company is to reduce the unplanned risk and be prepared for anything that can happen on the way. 

A customer and a delivery guy
Choosing the right company is important

A bill of lading-content

Until now, you have figured out that understanding a bill of lading when moving house is essential for your moving process. The company, such as one of the top moving and storage Washington DC is also a great choice for you. In addition, also the important part is the content of the bill. A bill of lading should contain:

Contract-pen and paper
Understanding the content of the bill of lading is very important
  • company’s contact details
  • the client’s contact information
  • payment details
  • dispute settlement information 
  • information about other shipping companies ( if they are included in the process)
  • IDs of moving vehicles
  • rates of the company
  • pick up and delivery dates
  • origin and the address of where the shipment goes

It is desirable that each of these is attached to the bill.

Bill of lading contact details

For starters-the, the most important ones are the phone number, name, and address of your chosen company. These are the essentials. Then, we have some specific characteristics that we need to pay attention to. For example, there are intrastate and cross-country movers. In sense of what you need for their contact details, it is important to mention the difference. Understanding the bill of lading when moving house is crucial. For cross country movers you are going to need the USDOT number. For intrastate movers, you are going to need a state license. USDOT means United States Department of Transportation.) The number is different and special for each company. In that way, the government follows shippers in the system.

Contact details are an important part of the bill of lading

Payment details

Of course, besides time, money is essential in the moving process. The keyword here is the estimate. There are two types of estimate-binding and non-binding. A binding estimate means that cost of your moving process will be visible and stated in the moving document. Nonbinding, as the name says, is more flexible. A flexible one will not specify the final price. It will not specify the final price since it is impossible to determine it until your shipment does not weigh in. You must use the same payment method that you used during the estimate. It is also important to determine notice of minimum and maximum fees, as well as terms and conditions.

Dispute settlement information

The dispute itself is a very unpleasant word. However, unpleasantness is often necessary. It is particularly necessary when we create such an important document such as the bill of lading when moving house. So, you are already deep in the moving process. You have chosen the best company possible. However, something unplanned happens. How will you protect yourself? That is when the disputed part comes to the scene. First, you will try to be friendly of course. If that does not help then you should ask someone for help. Some regulatory authority can be helpful here.

IDs and vehicles

Since the understanding of the bill of lading when moving house is very important, logically every little detail is important. The name of any other shipper or subcontractor that participates in the process is very important. It is important for taking responsibility in case something unplanned and unpleasant happens. In addition, IDs of the shipping vehicles are also important in case something unpleasant and unplanned happens.

Company rates

This part is especially important. Company rates are the necessary piece of information. All shipping companies need to be transparent in this process. Being transparent means that all company services provided to you need to be clearly stated in the document. Any additional service, any specific request, the document must contain literally everything. Every arrangement you achieved with the shipper needs to be included together with the rates of course.

Pick up and delivery dates ( addresses included)

Again. like with types of estimates, we have two types of services here. Both of them have to do with time frame arrangements. There is a guaranteed service. Meaning that the shipper must state precisely the exact date of the picking up and all the delivery dates. That is very important due to the shipper’s potential compensations that they will need to provide to the customer. In addition to a better understanding of the bill of lading, there is a non-guaranteed service also. Meaning that the shipper states an agreed period of time instead of the exact date.

All in all, the understanding of the bill of lading when moving house is the key element in the moving process. The whole process can indeed be very draining and demanding. However, if you have a great company to rely on you can put your mind at ease. So, be smart in your choices and do not make any hasty decisions. Give yourself enough time to think and make the best decision. After all, moving is one of your biggest transitions in life. Do not make it any harder than already is.

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